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By Our Design Staff

Random Access 512 X 512
High speed random access photogate imager with correlated double sampled pre-amplifiers per column.
Sequential Read 612 X 786
CCIR format, sequential or interlaced addressed radiation tolerant imager, utilizing only PMOS transistors. The imager operates beyond 10 MRad total dose and images well in excess of 500 KRad/Hr. dose rate. The world's most radiation tolerant full frame imager.
Sequential Read 512 X 512
Random Access 1026 X 1026
Random access preamplifier per column, with on chip serial to parallel interface, pipelined address memory, preloadable up/down address counters for sequential self clocking or sub-array read out or imager reordering, row and column address latches for random signal binning,. This is the most highly integrated imager published to date.
Random Access 512 X 512
Same as above different format
Random Access 512 X 512
Direct random access photogate imager with address latches, designed for high speed (25 MHz element rate) sub-array read out.
Random Access 1 X 1024
Very low noise (< 10.0 electrons) preamplifier per pixel with >120dB signal to noise.
Random Access 1 X 1024
Same as above with charge storage and signal differencing of the currently integrated signal to the previously stored signal.
Sequential Read 524 X 786
NTSC format, sequential or interlaced addressed radiation tolerant imager.
Sequential Read 600 X 800
System on a chip. Sold to an internal customer in 1994.

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