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Photon Vision Systems, the world's most experienced designer and supplier of CMOS Imaging Sensors and Single Chip Camera Systems for OEMs to commercial, industrial, consumer, spectroscopy, nuclear, astronomy, x-ray, and scientific markets.

CCD Performance with CMOS Value

More images from ACS-I Active Column Imager!

Using revolutionary patented Active Column Sensor™ (ACS™) PVS is able to offer CMOS Imaging Sensors and Single Chip Camera Systems with video performance equal to or better than that of a CCD. Our imagers also integrate most timing and control functions on the same die, greatly reducing system complexity and cost. Our area arrays also integrate on-chip A/D converters and complex state machines!

New Products!

PVS will soon introduce several new line scan imager products including;

SLIS - Scanning Linear Image Sensor. Designed for high speed scanning applications like web inspection. Features 7 micron square pixels running at speeds to 60 MHz in resolutions of 2048, 4096, 6144, 8192, 10,216 and beyond.

ELIS - Enhanced Linear Image Sensor. Expanding on our popular LIS family, adds Sample and Hold and binnable pixels to provide for effective resolutions of 1024, 512, 256, and 128. Offered in new PHOTO-SURF package.

TSLIS - 400 DPI imager with outstanding exposure control.

That's performance.
That's PVS CMOS.

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New Imaging Solutions Group

PVS has added a new digital Imaging Solutions Group (ISG). The ISG allows PVS to develop and implement new advanced digital image processing capabilities. These can be added on-chip with the imager or implemented off-chip to create solutions for general purpose imaging or target specific applications. Click here to learn more. For PVS consulting services, go to

World's Fastest Video Bus

Utilizing patent pending PVS-Bus™ technology, PVS has created the world's fastest video bus. PVS-Bus™ technology allows single port video rates as high as 90 Mhz, while maintaining full video resolution or MTF. This will allow the development of the world's first and only Single Port High Resolution HDTV Single Chip Camera System. 



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