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CMOS Imager Uses

True Random Access, Nondestructive Read, Non Blooming, Ultra Wide Dynamic Range, Random Binning.
Spatial Integrity
Radiation Hard in excess of 500K Rad/Hour dose Rate.
Large area, Nondestructive, Noise Reduction by rereading imager many times, and much more.
Space Exploration
Interstellar probes, telescopes, satellite imagery
Target acquisition, guidance
Imaging, diagnostics, radiology
Inspection, gauging, locating, Quality Control, bar code reading

CMOS Imager Options

UV to near IR Response 
X-Y Addressable
True Random Access
Infinite # Of Subarrays
Non-Destructive Read
Radiation Hard
Self Scanning
Random Binning
On chip A/D
Up to 100 % Fill Factor
Large Well Capacity
Adaptive Exposure
Ultra Wide Dynamic Range
Buttable Arrays
One Chip Systems/Cameras
Lower Cost Than CCD
X -Ray Sensitive
1.2u, or 0.5u, 0.35u, 0.25u Process


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